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The Sorry Tale: Patience Worth and Jesus

JesusIn commemoration of the birth of Jesus which is celebrated by the Christian world on December 25th I would like to quote some of  the book titled  ‘Jesus’, the last of  a trilogy of books making up the novel The Sorry Tale as dictated by Patience Worth through Pearl Curran.  I have searched for something appropriate for the Christmas season but I find it difficult to select just the perfect example appropriate for that season.  So—I will start out with something  which I have used to justify my own temper—Jesus casting out the money-changers on the temple steps.    I have always thought that this story portrayed Jesus to be more the man rather than the god—and I could relate to that.  One could read into this account perhaps something  symbolically or allegorically apropos  to more than 2000 years into the future.

I present this here, not that I am a particularly religious man but in keeping with the intent of this site, to provide evidence of the exceptional knowledge and writing ability of Patience Worth or Pearl Curran.  Remember, Pearl Curran relayedThe Sorry Tale’, published June 1917 by Henry Holt and Company, from Patience Worth one letter at a time, pointing them out on a Ouija Board.  The letters were not separated into words, neither was there any punctuation or capitalization; that was done later by John Curran, Casper Yost and other editors.   Consider also that Pearl Curran never completed more that a grade school education, was not well-read but had good letter-writing ability.  She had not traveled outside of the central part of the United States.  She intermittently attended the Episcopalian church, mainly to sing in the choir, but was certainly not a Biblical scholar by any stretch of the imagination.

As the following chapter begins Jesus is trying to calm the wrath of the Jews for the Romans who have taken over Jerusalem.  His followers are asking Jesus to pray to God to destroy the Romans.


And the morrows sped unto a certain morn when the out-ways shewed the multitudes pressing upon Jesus, and His loved following Him.  And behold, He rode upon an ass, and within His hand was the branch of a fig, the sign of the fruiting.  And they followed Him, crying out: “Messiah!  Lord! King of kings!”  Even did they unloose their headbands and their mantles and cast them down before Him that His ass walk o’er their cloth.  And the gate’s man, even of Rome, cast the gate ope that He go therein unto Jerusalem’s heart, even though He should find not rest.

And it was true that when they had come within, the multitudes of the city’s people came unto Him, and He sat upon the ass and spake unto them of Jerusalem and the Jews, for His blood lay close unto Him, yea, sorrowed HIm.  And they spake unto Him saying:

“Master, Rome is within the land of the Jews.  Yea, even Jerusalem hath she filled up of Rome.”

And He answered them, saying:  “Weep thou, oh, brothers, weep!  Leave thy tears to flow for the tribes to come, for Rome shall slay their sheep of sacrifice, and betray them.”

And they cried out:  “Ope up thy mouth and leave forth words unto the Father that He make fire to descend upon them.”

And Jesus answered them:  “I am not come to destroy man but to deliver him from the serpent that crusheth.  I am not come to unbuild, but to build up.  No man shall call unto the Father that He send destructions.  Nay; man shall not look unto Him for aid in such prayer.  He who shall unbuild evils, doth build.  Ye may not undo by undoing, save that the unbuilding be done in truth and not by evil intent.

“oh, ye of Jerusalem, hark!  What is the law?  Thou shalt not kill!  Would ye then blade ye?  For blade hungereth that it clatter upon its brother.  The undoing that shall build shall be born of bloods.  This thing shall be.  Even the Son of Man shall write the law, Thou shalt not kill, in His own blood.  Yea, and this is the first seed for a greater harvest.  Even so shall there be hosts that shall write upon the earth’s sides, ‘Thou shalt not kill,’ in their bloods.  Aye, and from out the flood of birth-blood shall come forth the thing that shall unbuild and thereby build!”

And they harked, but took not in the fullness of this, and cried out:  “Nay, Master, who would destroy thee or yet slay thee?”

And He smiled Him sorry upon them and spake:  “The sun that hangeth o’er Jerusalem shall look upon the thing I have spoken.”

And they asked of HIm:  “Goest thou unto the temple?”

And He answered:  “Yea, after the manner of my tribe, for I am what I am, a Jew.”

And it was true that they were filled of what was within Him, for His eyes shone, and His lips smiled soft and wistful, and His words fell sorried, even as though they came from out a throat that knew tearful eyes.  And it was true that the coming together of the people brought forth ones of Rome who listed, and the bladesmen gathered them that they watch what would come to pass.  And them within the market’s bins came forth and joined unto them that followed Him, the Nazarene, and He went His way upon the ass unto the temple.

And behold, it was high noon, and the pool shewed bright, and the temple’s doves wheeled within the sky and circled back unto the temple as the people came unto the spot.  And lo, upon the steps unto the temple’s doors squatted beggars.  And men lay upon their sides upon the stones, and before them lay their wares.  And the day was filled of their crying out.  Even amid the chants of the priests within the temple place came floating, to echo against the altars, the crying out of wares.  Even did the waresmen seek within the very threshold, barting with them that came without.  And the priests looked not upon this, for unto the priests’ hands they that barted delivered a sharing of what fell unto them, and thereby the priests took out of the people of their gains.  And Rome knew this thing, and took of the priests a sharing of the sharing.

And it was the time when the martsmen cried loud that Jesus Christus came unto the temple and came Him off the ass and walked among them that beset the steps unto the temple’s place.  And when He had come unto the topmost stone of the temple’s way, behold He turned.  And the Rome’s men stood at the base looking upon Him, for it was feared that the Jews, beneath the sound of His voice, would break forth.  And when the eyes of Jesus fell upon the men of Rome, He drew Him up unto His utmost, and wraths mounted His eyes even so that they looked heavy and fulled of sorrow, and His hands shook as He held them forth and spake and pointed unto the Rome’s men, saying:

“It is written that the Father’s house should be the house of prayer, and prayer is the puring waters of the soul, and thou hast made it a den of thieves!  Thinkest thou that the blade of office shall set fear within me?  Nay!  Hark ye!”  And His voice rang clear and He took up a lash of knotted thongs and let it free upon the air and brought it down upon the back of a Jew who offered wares, crying out:  “Begone!  Cast thee down within the dusts, for thou hast offended the God!”  And He swept unto another and let fall the lash, crying out:  Who art thou who may bring forth bart unto Him who barteth not?”  And He swept him on , and His cheeks flamed, and He cut upon the flesh of one who begged and spake:  “Go thou! for thou art come begging unto Him who giveth freely!”

And He passed Him on unto one who offered many colored stuffs, crying out:  “Get thee gone!  For who art thou who offereth vainglorious stuffs before His face who knoweth no thing that is vainglorious!  Oh, my brothers!  Where art thou, that thou wilt leave ones to deliver unto thy hands stuffs to set before the face of God.?”

And it was true that as He smote the mart’s ones upon the stoned way, there came forth a one whose robes shewed him of high office among the Jews, and he stepped him down unto the spot and looked at what was.  And the eyes of Jesus saw this thing.  And lo, there came forth a woman from out the temple’s place.  And she was of the hosts, nor was she clothed in raiment that told her a man’s woman, but within the sign of mourning.  And he of high office seeing her, drew him away that she pass.  And the eyes of Jesus looked upon this thing, and He cried aloud unto them that listed as He brought down the lash upon the back of the man of office:

“Look ye! it is far o’er an easier task that a camel may pass through the eye of the Needle than that a rich man may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

And the Jews harked, for they knew of the gate which was called of this name, and the camel men came them and the camels kneeled that they pass through.

And Jesus cried aloud: “Look ye! a camel is for the pack, and no man who hath o’er his world’s goods may stand him unpacked of follies.  Behold her yon!” —and he pointed unto the sorrowed woman,—“she hath brought forth a coin which is mightier unto the sight of the Father than the camel’s pack.”

And the man of office looked upon Him, and even though he was sorely tried, he cried not out but stopped that he list, being full of what was within Jesus that would come forth.

And the loved of Him cried out”  “Hosannah!”  “Lord!”  “King!”  And the Rome’s men spake unto them in a loud voice, saying:  “Cease!  Cease ye!”  And the Jews spake unto Jesus, saying:  “Speak unto them.  Say that they should not cry out aloud, for it is fearful unto us.”

And the voice of Jesus arose, crying out aloud:  “It may not be!  For dost thou, oh Rome, cease their tongues, the stones shall cry aloud.  The bone is builded by the Father and man shall make new flesh for the bone, but the tides shall sweep, and the man-wrought flesh shall drop unto dusts and the bone remain.  Ye may not stop the crying out of the stones, oh Rome!  This is the bone.  Thou mayest strip their throats of tongues but their bone shall remain, and the ages shall build them up and unbuild them and build them up once more, for they may not destroy them.  New prophets shall take their places and offer new bread, but these prophets are false.  Many shall come that shall speak out they are the Christ, even so that they are given the prophet’s tongue.  And I say unto ye, haste ye not forth that ye greet them, but wait the renewing of the old prophets.  The hand of Rome is not upon the arm of God!”

And the Rome’s men laughed, and the Jews were fearful, for this was against Rome and Jerusalem already smarted ‘neath the lash.  And Jesus stood Him higher upon the base of the pillar, and within His hand hung the lash.  And behold, He held it up unto the seeing of the Rome’s men and cast it o’er the multitude until it fell at their feet and He cried aloud:

‘See!  The Son of Man cometh uncrowned unto Rome’s hands; yea, unbladed unto Rome’s war.  Yet Rome’s foundation shall shake, and not one stone of the temple be left upon its brother!  The precious stuffs of the holy places shall be ground unto dusts beneath the mighty stones that fall.  Yea, hark ye, my brothers of Jerusalem!  Rome may unbuild ye but she may not build ye up.”

And tears flowed His eyes, and He raised them up unto the sky, and His hands spread forth, and He cried:  “Oh, Jerusalem, how would I have succored thee!  How would the Son of Man have lain upon thy bosom; but thine eyes are blinded by the dusts of higher office.  Oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem the golden city, walled by the hands of the tribes that have found the promised land, I see thy very stones drop drops!  Yea, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the God hath knocked and thou didst not slumber, but, fearful, let Him go!  Yet say I unto ye, my brothers, the breasts of Jerusalem shall spurt new milk and the Son of Man shall nurture by it.  The Jew’s tribes brought forth the flesh of the Father, the Son of Man.  Yea, and they shall fall unto child-bed again!  For withn their hearts shall He be born anew.”

And His voice shook in sorrow, and He spake on:  “Yea, when the Son of Man hath trod the path of ages and seen His hosts vanquished, seen His brothers broken against the day, and they upon the earth who have called Him brother forget him and eat them lone the Father’s bread, casting their bodies one ‘gainst the other that they take their sharing, and He standeth waiting that they see Him, the new birth shall shew them !”

And He called:  “Hark!  Hark!  Hark!  Hark!  Oh, Jerusalem, look ye!  I am calling not thee now, but ever!  For I am what I am a Jew !”

And it was true that He came down among the Jews, and they fell upon Him, their eyes lighted with a new light and they spake; ‘”We are answering thee !”

And He smiled and said:  “Oh, ye beloved, I may not list, for I know !”

And the Rome’s men came through the people and sought Him out and spake:  “Thy hand doeth no service.  Thou art even as a beggar.  Thy followers are fed out of the bounty of the people.  What manner of authority hast thou?”

And He answered them:  “Look ye unto yon sun!  Ask him this.” and they spake unto HIm:  “Knowest thou that among the Jews there be them that hate thee?”

And Jesus smiled and answered:  “Look ye unto yon well!  Know ye that beneath its waters are stones?”

And they spake: “But thy hands do no labor.”

And He answered them, saying:  “What wouldst thou?”

And they pointed unto a roadway, past and about the market’s way, wherein an ox stood fast with his wheeled pack.  And they spake:  “Go and deliver the ox unto its master out of the mires.”

And He went unto the spot, and the people followed Him.  And behold, He laid His hand upon the ox and it came forth.  And He drove it thence out of Jerusalem’s walls unto its master’s abode.  And they followed not His going without.

And lo, the eve came, and forth from out Jerusalem went the Jews bearing palms and singing, their babes before them.  And they went that they meet Jesus, who came unto Jerusalem from the labor Rome had set.  And they brought with them a white ass, and its neck was girdled with palms.  And they sang as a host, and brought Him forth unto the heart of Jerusalem triumphant.

And Rome watched and knew that the Jews knew their King, even though the king’s seat was filled.  And the Rome’s men fell upon the Jews that they drive them forth from the listing unto Jesus, and even did they make that they lay their hands upon Jesus, no rebuked He them.  And the Jews, being full of Rome and Rome’s day, spake unto the blade’s men, saying;

“How do ye do this, when thou knowest thy Emperor hath flesh that is cast forth as waste?  (the Illegitimate son of Emperor Tiberius—Hatte.)  It is known among the Jews that Jerusalem hath housed him.  Shame be upon the mighty flesh for these things!  He would pluck the flower of the Jews and cast his own bud.”

And they took this unto the ears of Rome and them of office.

And it was true that Jesus knew the street’s ways of Jerusalem and spake unto the people—even ministered He within the temple.