Random Thoughts

I am not convinced of life after death in spite of the voluminous reports suggesting spirit survival.  I am suspicious of all of the so-called ‘evidence’ no matter if that evidence was provided to me or esteemed people such as Frederic Myers, Edmund Gurney, William James, Oliver Lodge, Conan Doyle, Eleanor Sidgwick, Henry Sidgwick, James Hyslop, Richard Hodgson, Chico Xavier, Leonora Piper, Jane Roberts, Stephen Braude, Ian Stevenson, Raymond Moody, Pim Van Lommel, Brian Weiss, Michael Newton, Christopher Stillar, to name a few.

Who am I to question these learned people?

Well—I do question everything that comes through the mind of man.  There are too many chances for bias, fraud, hidden agendas, unconscious role-playing and well-intentioned but misguided efforts for me to be too trusting.  I have lived long enough to get to know how human beings operate and I must say that most humans are looking out for their own interests, either, as in these cases, to be convinced of their own survival or the winning of notoriety, fame or weatlth.

Otherwise, why go public?  Why suffer the scientific  and public criticism?

I know it is of little interest to most people but for me the one enigmatic case with the least amount of taint, strongly suggesting that the human mind is much more than is currently understood is the case of Pearl Curran and Patience Worth.  This one case stands head and shoulders above all others in my opinion, but in order to come to that conclusion it is imperative that one reads and studies all of the written materials including notes of dictation, ‘table talk’ of Patience Worth, her aphorisms, plays, short stories and novels.  All of the ‘evidence’ is first-hand, available for anyone to peruse.  Perhaps all of these materials taken together are left as a giant puzzle requiring us to question our current materialistic paradigms in order to come up with an explanation.

This compendium of work allegedly from Patience Worth strongly suggests to me that someone or something other than Pearl Curran, either in the consciousness state or unconscious (subconscious) state created and dictated these materials.  The volume and quality of this work and the rapid method of delivery demand an explanation.

Whether or not it was a disembodied spirit has not yet been proved but neither has it been proved that Pearl Curran was a fraud in any way, unknowingly or otherwise..

But if “Patience Worth’ was not a spirit, then what?  For information to come out of the subconscious mind or secondary personality of Pearl Curran there must be input of that information into that mind and to date, no one has been able to document that Pearl Curran ever learned, either directly or subliminally the detail of history, places and language she used in her writings.

Overall, it is not just the significance of the presence of the physical remnants of what Patience Worth and Pearl Curran did but more importantly it is their spiritual philosophy and thoughts about man, God and the universe that sets them apart from other mediums and gives me strong encouragement to believe that there just might be some other existence after my current one.