Before Thee, oh God of the universes, with
humbled heart and proud mein, I give thanks.
For I have beheld Thy countenance in its sublimity
and its grandeur.  I have communed with Thee
through the ordered symphony of Thy faultless
revelations of Thyself through man’s finite limitations
and may now reveal unto my brothers the beauty
and perfection of Thy constant brotherhood with him.

If then, oh God of all things, I may say unto Thee,
‘Behold Thy Servant!’ how proud, then, be my labor.
For I have been at Thy task, a Kingly task!  And if
my hand be the instrument which Thou, in Thy
creatorship, have used to draw the sable curtains
of doubt and point unto the glory-vistas beyond,
then am I mute with wonder and bow me in simple
acknowledgement of the greatest grace
delivered unto any man.

My heart overflows.  I am exalted,
I am Thy child, and Thou hast graced me.
Take thou my labour, oh gracious God,
as but Thy grace reflected, and know Thy son
glories in that reflection.  Accept, then, the Alleluia
my soul proclaims before the wonder.

Final words
of Patience Worth
November 25, 1937

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