This Patience Worth web site is for those people interested in paranormal phenomena but it is more than that, it is a place to find the writing of Patience Worth.  Perhaps such writing was from a disembodied spirit who lived 350+ years ago in England and, for a short time in the American colonies, or perhaps it was from  the subliminal mind of Pearl Curran, a living and breathing woman who lived during the early 20th century; or maybe it was achieved by thought transference between Pearl Curran and the many sitters around her Ouija Board, but whatever the explanation, it is writing of a superior quality that should not be forgotten.

Whether or not one believes in spirits, spirit communication or other phenomena generally associated with parapsychology, e.g., near death experiences, accounts of past lives, extra-sensory perception (ESP), PSI, Super-PSI, or spiritism is not a concern of this site.  The story of Pearl Curran and Patience Worth is perhaps one of the most enigmatic of phenomena categorized as “paranormal” and may lend further tangible evidence to support one or more of those concepts enumerated above or it may provide evidence that the “Patience Worth” of Pearl Curran was a fraud. Whatever the case, “Ye shall judge a tree by its fruit” and the fruit of Patience Worth, ripened in the sunshine of her love for God and man, is sweet.

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I just want to make a statement about this site.  This site was designed to allow comments from anyone unless they were of a malicious bent or SPAM.  I encourage anyone who may have an opinion about Patience Worth, Pearl Curran or any aspect surrounding the phenomenon of Patience Worth to comment and discuss in a civil way, points of view concerning Patience Worth.   Space is provided on every page for comments.

The Case of Patience Worth has not been decided yet and after more than 50 years studying it, I myself still do not have an answer supported by clear facts.   There is no  consensus from those who have seriously studied the case as to  just what was going on with Pearl and Patience.  Was Pearl lying?  Was she a fraud?  Was Patience Worth an alter ego of Pearl Curran?  Was Patience Worth coming from the subconsciousness mind of Pearl Curran?  Was Patience Worth really a spirit of a woman who lived in the past?  There is no irrefutable conclusion which yet solves this case.  There is no clear consensus.  There are many opinions, but anyone may have an opinion and opinions, even from learned people may have no basis in fact and may prove, over time, to be wrong.

There are those who vehementely opppose even any rational discusson about psychic or parapsychological ideas related to this case or other similar cases. These people will make any effort to destroy any site where ideas that Patience Worth may have been a spirit are discussed.  In my encounters with those people  they betray themselves as fanatical to the point of insanity, often forcing their poorly considered opinions upon others as fact rather than discussing the true evidence of the case. Most of them have not read the entire materials written by Patience Worth and generally have a preconceived idea or bias about reality, that is, they usually believe that materialism is the be all and end all of their and everyone else’s existence.  So much the pity for them. They are so restricted by their narrow view of things that they writhe in their anger and bias against honest seekers of truth. Well, they are welcome here too as long as they focus on the issues to be discussed and not resort to name-calling and personal attacks on those whose opinions differ from theirs.   Just stick to the facts mam, just the facts!



12 thoughts on “ABOUT PATIENCE WORTH

  1. William Dorian

    I have a longtime interest in Patience Worth, going back to 1974 when I met and became friends with Pearl Curran’s only biological child, Eileen Curran in New Orleans. I was a graduate student at Tulane University and met her through a nephew of hers attending the University of new Orleans. Patience said in her writings that Eileen was her “bud o’ hope,” and that after Pearl died, Patience would be able to write through Eileen just as she did her mother. And indeed she did–but this was never publicized. However, I witnessed Eileen contact Patience via both the ouija board and automatic writing. I acted as secretary and took extensive notes. However, Eileen’s husband, Gary Murphy, did NOT approve of Eileen becoming involved in any form of channeling. After about a year of contacting Patience, she abruptly gave it up. I wrote a book about my experiences with Eileen and Patience, but because I was ‘otherwise engaged’ with my studies at Tulane, I never did anything with it–and I’m not trying to now, after all these years. I’m writing this to the Patience Worth website because I feel that Pearl’s daughter Eileen’s story should be a part of the Patience Worth saga. Eileen was a visual artist and very talent, a diligent mother to her daughter Cathleen, and perhaps the most memorable person I have ever met. She was like a second mother to me while I was in New Orleans, and I’d just like her to be remembered. I’d very much like to communicate with anyone interested in the Patience material. My e-mail is: . Peace.

    1. Amos Oliver Doyle

      Thank you Mr. Dorian for your comments. You have valuable information about Eileen Curran and I hope it will not be lost. Perhaps donating your memoirs to the Library of the Missouri Historical Society would be a way to insure that they would be available to future researchers into the Patience Worth/Pearl Curran saga. The historical Society has 29 volumes of dictation taken during sessions between Pearl Curran and Patience Worth as well as other relevant documents. Thanks again for your interest in Patience Worth and Pearl Curran.

    2. Tom Brennan

      Hi William! I am a huge Patience Worth fan. I have met with the author of, probably the definitive book on her, “Singer In the Shadows” by Irving Litvag. I have seen the house in St. Louis where the Curran’s lived and where Patience introduced herself to the world.

      I am very interested in knowing more about life in that house. What did Eileen think about Patience and her mother? I assume that Eileen is no longer with us, but would you happen to be in contact still with any of her children, whom perhaps she had related some of her stories to about this fascinating and the lives of these fascinating women? Would it be possible to meet them? Please let me know by replying to this post.


      And thank you, Amos, for creating this blog. It’s extraordinary.

      1. Amos Oliver Doyle

        Hi Tom,
        Mr. Dorian’s comment was over a year ago so he may not respond to your requests.

        I agree that Irving Litvag wrote one of the classic books about Pearl Curran and Patience Worth and together with Dr. Walter Franklin Prince’s book ‘Patience Worth: A Psychic Mystery one can get a good idea about what was happening with Pearl and Patience during their productive writing period. I only wish there was more information about Pearl Curran after she left Missouri and went to California. Some information is available but I don’t know how trustworthy it is. Mr. Dorian’s information about Eileen certainly is valuable. I hope he is able to put together a book about his experiences with Eileen. Although Eileen has passed on it is possible that her daughter Cathleen is still alive. It would be interesting to hear her remembrances about her mother. I believe that Pearl Curran died before Eileen married for the third time so Cathleen only knows what her mother told her about her grandmother Pearl. – AOD

  2. David

    Hello Amos Doyle,

    I am looking for a photograph of Walter Prince and was wondering if you might be able to let me know where you obtained the one you have posted?

    Thanks very much!

  3. David Haith

    Just discovered your website via the Michael Prescott blog.
    I have always been interested in Patience Worth and anybody who has been studying this matter for 50 years, has my utmost respect,
    I look forward to perusing it.

  4. N.Riley Heagerty

    I am a total fan of Patience.
    It was, will always be, one of the most beautiful events is all of Spiritualistic history.
    Her words were a blessing to this life.
    I intend to meet her someday when I leave this plane, if she is around that is ha!
    Nice work. This is a wonderful tribute to our beloved Patience, the weaver of timeless poetry.

    1. Bill Dorian

      All Patience Worth Fans:
      I have finished my book which includes a description of my friendship with Eileen Curran back in the mid ’70s and our successful attempts to communicate with Patience both over the Ouija board and through Eileen’s automatic writing. I wrote a book about our experiences which included a number of poems Patience conveyed to us along with our personal chats with her. The book was never published because Eileen’s husband, Gary Murphy, didn’t approve of Eileen carrying on her mother’s mediumship tradition–causing Eileen to back out of the project. I saw her last in 1976 and sadly she died not too long afterwards. Even without Eileen, I continued to communicate with Patience off and on throughout the years via the Ouija board. Although we had conversations, Patience’s literary efforts stopped without Eileen. My recent book is a true account of paranormal events that have happened to my family, possibly caused by my dalliances with the Ouija board years ago. But it also includes a detailed account of my association with Eileen and includes never seen before poems by Patience and a short story she started. Much of the book I wrote about Eileen is included. I am currently seeking a publisher and would welcome the opinions of Patience’s modern fans.
      Best wishes, Bill Dorian

      1. Per Nordin

        “I wrote a book about my experiences with Eileen and Patience, but because I was ‘otherwise engaged’ with my studies at Tulane, I never did anything with it–and I’m not trying to now, after all these years.” March 7 2014.
        Now in 2017 you say you are looking for a publisher. Also, more remarkably, you stated in 2014 that you had written a book (i.e. finished prior to the post, indicating it was written back in the 1970:s while you where studying at Tulane U – long before the post – unless you have been studying there for several decades after that) and now in 2017 state that you “finished” it (not reedited it).
        And in your 2014 post you make large claims without providing any evidence.
        If you back then had written book (and obviously had no financial need to have it published as you wrote ” never did anything with it–and I’m not trying to now, after all these years”) and claimed that your only interest now was that you felt “that Pearl’s daughter Eileen’s story should be a part of the Patience Worth saga”… WELL, so why have you not simply just taken your book written in the 1970:s (or later?) and post it here as a pdf as you simply “feel that Eileen’s story should be a part of the PW saga”?
        It would not harm with some photo of you with her or her nephew and some documentation that you and her nephew actually where attending the U of Tulane together.

        I am NOT questioning Eileen nor Pearl nor Patients nor paranormal activities or the validity of these women nor what they have claimed. But I DO question your story as it has large claims with no substance nor evidence and seems to me – if not utterly, at least most possibly – a story made up by you for purpose of attention or trolling, and/or now three years after your prior post to attempt to profit off these people here.
        This question is easily resolved by some evidence of mentioned documents from the U of T and at least some examples of Patients’ writing through Eileen for academic comparison.

        1. Amos Oliver Doyle

          Per Nordin,
          You have left a rather perplexing comment apparently in response to another comment left by Mr. Dorian. Mr. Dorian is not the author of this web site. He is just commenting that he knew Eileen Curran when he was in school at Tulane University and would like to document his time with Eileen in a book. I have had the pleasure of reading Mr. Dorian’s draft copy and found it very interesting, not because he had a lot to say about Eileen Curran or Patience Worth but because he documents his harrowing experiences with his daughter whom he believes was possessed by an evil spirit.

          Mr. Dorian is not able to post a picture of himself with Eileen on this web site nor is he able to publish a PDF here as you suggest. – AOD

  5. Stephan

    Bill that’s great, sounds exciting! I hope you’ll keep informing us here? best wishes for finding a publisher! can the community support you somehow? you probably thought about self publishing it (book on demand etc). can your email address be acquired via Amos?


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