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Patience Worth Philosophy

140821collectiveHere are two of Patient Worth’s better efforts to explain her philosophy concerning man’s fear of the unknown.  Casper Yost collected and wrote a philosophy of Patience Worth but unfortunately he could not find a publisher to publish it.  Yost’s draft copy of ‘The Philosophy of Patience Worth’ apparently has been lost although I believe that someone out there has a copy which eventually may come to light in the future.


How have I caught at fleeting joys,
And swifter fleeting sorrows, and days and nights,
And morns and eves, and seasons too,
Aslipping thro’ the years, afleet!
And wither hath their trend then led?  Ah wither?

How do I to stop amid the very pulse o’ life,
Afeared?  Yea, fear clutcheth at my very heart!
For what?  The night?  Nay, night doth shimmer,
And flash the jewels I did count
E’er fear had stricken me.
The morn?  Nay, I waked with morn atremor,
And know the day-tide’s every hour;
How do I then to clutch me at my heart—
Afeared?  The morrow?  Nay, the morrow
But bringeth old loves and hopes anew.

Ah. woe is me, ’tis emptiness, aye, naught—
The bottomlessness o’ the pit that doth afright!
Afeared?  Aye, but driven fearless on!

What!  Promise ye ’tis to mart I plod?
What!  Promise ye new joys?
Ah, but should I sleep, to waken me
To joys I ne’er had supped!

I see me stand abashed and timid,
As a child who cast a toy beloved,
For bauble that but caught the eye,
And left the heart ahungered.

What!  Should I search in vain to find a sorrow,
That had fleeted hence afore my coming—
And found it not?—Ah, me, the emptiness!
And what!  Should joys that but a prick of gladness dealt,
And teased my hours to happiness
Be lost amid this promised bliss?
Nay, I clutch me to my heart in fear, in truth!

Do harken Ye!  And cast afearing
To the wiles of beating gales and wooing breeze.
I find me throat aswell and voice attuned.
Ah, let me then to sing, for joy consumeth me!
And fear hath slipped away to leave me sing.
To wake—and wonder warmeth at my heart,
I’ve waked in yester-year!

What!  Ye?—And what!—I’st thou?
Ah, have I then slept to dream?  Come, ne’er
A dream-wraith looked me such a welcoming!
‘Twas yesterday this hand wert then afold,
And now—ah, do I dream?
‘Tis warm-pressed within mine own!
Dreams!  Dreams!  And yet, we’ve met afore!

I see me flitting thro’ this vale,
And tho’ I strive to spell the mountain’s height
And valley’s depth, I do but fall afail.
Wouldst thou then drink a potion
Were I to offer thee an empty cup?
Couldst thou to pluck the rainbow from the sky?—
As well then might I spell to thee.

But I do promise at the waking—old joys,
And sorrows ripened to a mellow heart;
And e’en the crime-stained wretch, abasked in light,
Shall cast his seed and spring afruit!

Then do I cease to clutch the emptiness,
And sleep, and sleep me unafeared!


Swift as light-flash o’ storm, swift, swift,
Would I send the wish o’ thine asearch.
Swift, swift as bruise o’ swallow’s wing ‘pon air,
I’d send asearch thy wish, areach to lands unseen;
I’d send aback o’ answer laden.
Swift, Swift, would I to flee unto the “Naught,”
Thou knowest as the “Here.”
Swift, Swift I’d bear aback to thee
What thou wouldst seek.  Swift, swift,
Would I to bear aback to thee.

Dost deem the path ahid doth lead to naught?
Dost deem thy footfall leadest thee to nothingness?
Dost pin not ‘pon His word o’ promising,
And art at sorry and afear to follow Him?

I”d put athin thy cup a sweet, a pledge o’ love’s-buy.
I’d send aback a glad-song o’ this land.
Sing thou, sing on, though thou art ne’er aheard—
Anew born o’ His loving.

Set thee at rest, and trod the path unfearing;
Athin the reach o’ thee—e’en through
The dark o’ path at end o’ journey.
His smile!  His word!  His loving!
Put forth thy hand at glad, and I do promise thee,
That joy o’ earth asupped shall fall as naught,
And thou shalt sup thee deep o’ joys, o’ Bearer,
Aye, and Source; and like glad light o’ day,
And sweet o’ love—thy coming here shall be!